How to Remove Odor from Your Fur Coat? [Quick & Easy]

When you have an expensive fur coat that you love so much, your worst fear is seeing it fade away and start to smell bad.

The main cause of a fur coat’s nasty smell is moisture. It happens when you store your coat in a non-ventilated and humid area.

Another cause is the accumulation of fragrances like perfumes and tobacco along with dust. This can cause the coat to develop bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

But here are the good news.

How to remove odor from your fur coat quickly and easily? Use ground coffee.

Follow these steps for good results:

1) Place the Fur Coat in a Plastic Garment Bag and Hang It Up

Make sure you pick a clothing bag that can be sealed to be as airtight as possible. A breathable garment bag should do the trick.

Choose your size accordingly.

Plastic Garment Bag

2) Fill a Small Container with Ground Coffee

The container should be small enough to fit in the bottom of the garment bag while still holding at least half a cup (1.1oz / 32g) of ground coffee.

The container should not be sealed.

For example, use a plastic bag but leave it open.

ground coffee to remove odor from coat

3) Add the Coffee Inside the Bag

Be careful when you place the coffee container in the bottom of the garment bag.

You can also put the coffee original wrap directly inside the coat bag. Pay attention to potential leakage.

4) Inspect the Coat After 24 Hours

Depending on the sort of odor you’re attempting to get rid of (smoke, vinegar, mildew, etc.), it might be gone in as little as 24 hours.

5) Mix the Coffee Grounds

If the odor hasn’t gone after 24 hours, shake the coffee grounds so that they release their fragrance and absorb the bad smell.

Then, leave the coat in the garment bag.

Check daily and repeat this process until the odors are eliminated.

6) Store Your Coat in A Safe Place

Once the odor is removed from your coat, take it out of the garment bag and let it breathe for 24 hours in a ventilated area (outside or near a window).

Then follow these safe practices to properly store your fluffy coat.

  • Fur coats should be stored at temperatures of about 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius).
  • Heat should be avoided. Heat dries out the epidermis of the fur.
  • You should not fold your fur coat. Hang it instead.

Bottom Line

Take good care of your beloved fur coat and it will last for generations. While it is preferable to have your coat professionally maintained by a furrier, you can clean it, rehydrate it and remove bad smells from time to time to preserve its glory.

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