How Much Are Real Fur Coats Worth?

Fur coats are the cheat code to peak your autumn fashion- their unique style and exclusive audience make them even more special. They are made of animal skin treated in various chemicals and dyed with unique colors to treat all tastes.

Celebrities like singers, actors, and mannequins love fluffy coats and like to pose for magazines and TV shows wearing them.

However, fur coats are a lot more expensive than other jackets, and despite their willingness, most buyers have to hold onto their wishes to buy one.

The price of real fur coats ranges between $500 for the cheapest lamb coats to more than a quarter million dollars for prestigious lynx coats.

What Is The Average Price Range Of a Real Fur Coat?

Fur coats have several types based on the animal skin used; the most popular fur type in America is the mink coat; the coat usually retails between $1500 to $11000, but some brands, like Gucci, may sell mink coats for as high as $23000.

Fox coats are slightly cheaper; their starting price is slightly over $1000, and you can get a peak-quality fox coat for about $9000. Brand tags also have a price, so don’t be amazed if you find one selling for $20000+.

Mongolian and Persian lamb coats have also been recently introduced to the millennial market, and they have gotten off to a good start. You can find a decent-quality lamb coat for about $6000, but you need to be certain about its authenticity.

Despite their extraordinarily high prices, the mink and Fox coats are far from the most expensive fur coats.

To recapitulate:

Fur Coat TypeAvg Price Range
Mink$1500 – $11000
Fox$1000 – $9000
Mongolian & Persian Lamb$6000

How Much Are The Most Expensive Fur Coats?

Fur coats made of lynx – the Russian heritage and the legendary tale from the 1980s suggest the price of the prestigious white lynx coat could be as high as $250000.

prestigious white lynx coat

A general fur coat would usually cost between $2000 and $8000; anything above $8000 is considered expensive in the fur coat industry.

However, for legit sable fur coats, $11000 is just the starting point.

Sable coats are Russian-made with a heavenly feel of silk and an exclusive sheen texture. Since the coat is associated with royalty and high esteem, it’s rare to see an average person wearing one.

A high-end sable coat can be anywhere between $80000 to $120000, but an aged silvery coat can go as high as $150000.

Chinchilla coats are also more expensive than other fur coats; their average price revolves around $15000, and the expensive ones are well within the $50000 range.

To recapitulate:

Expensive Fur CoatsPrice Range
Chinchilla$15000 – $50000
High-end Sable$80000 – $150000
Prestigious lynx$250000+

How Much Are The Cheapest Fur Coats?

Many are interested to know if they can get their hands on cheap yet genuine fur coats.

The cheapest real fur coats are usually made of shearling starting from $250, and Mongolian/Tibetan lamb, starting from $500 all the way up to $3000.

Mongolian/Tibetan lamb coat

They have a flashy color of all fur coats and have a unique texture; the curly haired-fur makes it unique and stylish and highly preferred amongst Millenials and Gen Z.

The price is determined by fur density and style. You can get a good coat for $2000.

Shearlings are also popular in the same market; the coat’s low price has been its main attraction. A shearling fur coat retails for $250 for a commercially- produced version, but don’t be surprised by finding a similar one for $10000 at a designer outlet.

Shearling is pelted from sheep’s leather; they used to be significantly heavy in the last decade, but better tanning processes have toned their texture, and they are available with a similar weight and feel to that of other coats.

What Makes A Fur Coat Expensive?

Even for the cheaper alternatives, a buyer would still have to spend about a thousand dollars to get the same vibe affiliated with real fur coats- the same price as Apple’s flagship iPhone.

What makes them so extravagant?

Fur Auctions

Expensive wearables charge a proportion of their price for their exclusivity; fur auctions are the market for 90% of the fur trade, and the price of the raw material is pushed higher due to increased players.

The recent demand alongside shrinking sources has led to additional price hikes for mink skin and Russian sable. Furriers usually attend auctions around February in Europe and America; the available supply also drives the prices higher.

Quantity of Fur

The size of the real fur coat plays an integral part in a coat’s price; an arctic coat of size 38 will always be cheaper than a long coat- a foot off the floor.

The more material a coat requires, the higher the price charged. For the same brand, size differences will create a difference of about 10% in price.

Style & Production

Fur coats are delicate to make and require attention to detail. They must be stylish, soft, and dense but at the same time light and easy to wear and carry.

Oftentimes, specialized tailors are asked to put extensive efforts into ensuring an evenly smooth surface with an invisible stitch.

Fur Type

Usually, different fur types have different prices. Elite fur fabrics such as sable, chinchillas, and lynx can be extremely rare; hence not only do they ask for a higher price in auction, but their management and production is a delicate process that is costlier than other types.

On the contrary, Mink and Fox fur coats have gained sufficient popularity, and businesses employ large-scale production techniques that reduce costs and multiply profits.

Fur Shades

In the early 2010s, fur coats tended to keep an original shade, and dying was used to enhance the authentic look. Today, designers have started experimenting with shades of black and brown that provide a unique look to fur coats.

The exclusive nature of the coat shade plays a part in their high price. Brown shades are standard and fall within reach of public clients. Black fur is tinted for a magnificent look, and their intricate style comes with a higher price.

However, the top-of-the-line shade ‘Black Glama’ has unparalleled prestige, and the shade isn’t readily available for coats under $50000. A cheaper alternative is black mink, which is generally a notch higher than brown fur coats.

Examples of Designer Fur Coats Prices

dior fur coat

Gray Mink Coat By Fendi

The coat is made of Russian mink and depicts Fendi’s design philosophy. The long coat has a beautiful black shade complemented with gray contrast throughout.

It retails for € 25.000,00 and seems a good deal considering the designer tag.

Belted Fox Fur Coat By Louis Vuitton

A belted fur coat in the golden-white dye is a no-brainer for a venturesome wearer; the coat has a modern design but feels comfy and light. The fox coat goes well with contrasting outfits and can be worn in different ways.

The belted fox fur coat retails for about $18999 on the official website.

Blue Fur Coat By Dior

The coat has a unique style and resonates with Dior’s design philosophy. The item was bought from a fashion show in Zurich, one of the premium designs launched back then.

It retails for about $14000.

Blouson By Chanel

The Beige & Burgundy coat has been an attention grabber for fashion geeks; its stylish design and versatile applications make it a worthwhile choice for $6950.

Black Shearling Coat By Fendi

The black coat will attract eyes, but it may only resonate with some people’s personalities. Its bold look and vibrant pattern dictate a strong feeling about your personality.

It retails for about $32000 at the official Fendi store.

Last Words

Fur coats add a unique style to your dressing, and their rarity and extravagance make them an attention grabber in crowds or on social media.

What struck us is the huge price range. You can buy a $500 or a $100000 fur coat as long as you have the resources to please yourself.

Wealthy people and most celebrities spend an arm and a leg to acquire one or a few real fur coats, but with anti-fur awareness arising year after year, people who desire luxury are switching to faux fur coats.

Popular fashion brands are also shifting their focus to faux fur collections of coats falling under the pressure of anti-cruelty activists. The difference between both is not noticeable from distance. Here’s an article to know the difference between real and faux fur.

Thank you for reading this article.

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