Are Fur Coats Worth Anything in 2023?

Are fur coats still worth it? In short terms yes. They are expensive and rarer.  Fur coats have been the synonym for wealth and luxury since the 20th century and the more a fur coat is old and in good standing, the more its value.

Today, we see organizations rising and movements being held in order to ban all the factories that still produce real fur goods. More faux fur coats are produced nowadays and all the major brands have shifted their production to animal-free thinking.

Nevertheless, genuine fur is still sold under surface out of the eyes of the legislation and animal rights organizations.

If it happens that you have one of these and you want to know whether it’s still worth anything today. Let’s find out.

Are Fur Coats Still in Fashion?

When the winter breezes come, it’s time to bring the warm heavy stuff out of the closet.

Fur coats are always in fashion. The only difference is that some models might be outdated and people generally fall the new stuff from the luxury designers like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Coco Chanel, and others.

Why do fur coats remain in fashion almost indefinitely?

Fur Coat Defies Time

You have all the right to consider fashion as something ever-changing. If you think carefully, you can easily discern the temporality of most fashion trends.

They appear, stay for a certain period, and fade away afterward. It mainly happens in the chorus of yearly catwalks in Milan, Paris, London, and New York.

However, it’s quite common that trends come back repeatedly. But fur coats are something to be plummeting under timeless fashion. These coats stand the beating of time and remain trendy irrespective of time.

Regardless, in contrast to the time when fur coats were the symbol of royalty only, these coats are getting increasingly famous among ordinary people too.

Fur Coats are Congruous  with Everything

Versatility and a perfect close to everything make the fur coat timeless.

Finding a single outfit with fur-made coats that don’t match would be difficult. You can wear anything under that coat; it is all stylish and classy.

There are even some fetish trends when people wear it directly over the skin. Naughty.

How to Find the Value of Your Fur Coat?


Before purchasing or selling vintage fur coats, assessing them is essential. Now, let’s look at the factors having specific roles in the appraising process.

  • Find the tag

There should be a tag indicating the manufacturer and the year of production. You can also find the country where the coat was made.

  • Search on the internet

Type the manufacturer name on the internet and try to find the model.

Some producers are difficult to track down or they might not even have any internet profile. In this case, go to websites like and spend some time to find a similar model to yours to have an idea of the price.

  • Leave it to the experts

When you’ve tried everything in vain, search for a nearby fur dealer to get an appraisal. They typically range between $25 and $50. But the value they tell you is somewhat accurate.

Remember to let them give you the written appraisal signed to support your offer when you sell it.

What Affects The Price Of A Fur Coat?


Fur coats are different. The materials, the craftsmanship, and other criteria influence their prices. We have a detailed article on fur coat value.

  • Type of fur

Usually, different fur types have different prices. Sable, chinchillas, and lynx can be extremely rare; hence more expensive.

On the contrary, Mink and Fox fur coats have gained sufficient popularity, and businesses employ large-scale production techniques that reduce costs and multiply profits.

  • Quantity of fur

The more material a coat requires, the higher the price charged. For the same brand, size differences will create a difference of about 10% in price.

  • Depreciation

Similar to any other valuable items, you should consider fur coats as items whose value decreases gradually with time.

Generally, the maximum life expectancy of a fur coat is around 20 years. Hence, for obvious reasons, the value of these coats decreases by 20% every year.

  • Visible Signs of Wear:

When the fur is damaged, it is very tough to restore it. Therefore signs of wear automatically diminish the value of your coat or jacket.

Where to Sell Your Vintage Fur Coat?

Just like there are many reasons to buy a fur coat, people also ask where to sell it for the best value.

Selling your vintage fur coat isn’t that tricky.

You first need to discern your coat’s value as we’ve seen earlier. A written appraisal from a professional furrier would be the best bet for you. Moreover, a professional furrier can sell your fur coat.

Online auction sites like can be a fine destination if you want a reliable market for your fur coat. This site also has an outlining guide informing you about everything you need to know to list your goods.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fur Coat?

Fur coats vary a lot in their production as well as their current market value. If you’re keen on selling it for a healthy amount of money, do this to drench out the maximum.

  • Determine your coat value.
  • Connect with a professional appraiser.
  • Take advantage of selling platforms like eBay. These marketplaces guarantee a safe and controlled marketplace with reliable policies and standards.
  • If your fur coat is of exceptional quality, you should find a fur specialist to help you get the best value out of it.

Final Thoughts

Fur coats have always been a sign of class and luxury and it is still the case today but with a focus on animal-free alternatives.

Vintage coats are rare so it might be a good idea to keep them for yourself and wear them on a nice occasion.

The material, the brand, the quantity of fur, and the age determine a fur coat/jacket’s value. If you have one, you can either sell it or give it to charity.

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  1. Camille Bourdeau says:

    I need to get my mom’s cleaned coat cleaned and sewn.
    Account is under Sadie Hoffmann. Please call me at 586. 601.5931. Where are you located. I used to go on harper or little mack in Grosse pointe mi. Please call
    me. I would like to alst get an estimate on what it will cost. Thank you

  2. Farida Tavares says:

    I have a grey/white herringbone full length mink coat.. the white is now discoloured after being stored in a cedar closet. Is it worth it to pursue the value of the coat?

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