How to Rehydrate a Fur Coat? [In 5 Easy Steps]

Rehydrate fur coat

Your fur coat is dry and brittle? And you don’t know how to restore it and bring it back to life?

Don’t worry, in this guide you’re going to learn how to rehydrate a fur coat properly and bring back its original glory.

Use the following steps to rehydrate your fur coat:

  • Prepare a conditioning solution
  • Remove the coat’s lining
  • Condition and rehydrate the inside of the coat
  • Gently massage the skin
  • Allow the fur coat to dry fully by hanging it correctly

We are going to explain each step in detail below.

Rehydrate Your Fur Coat in These 5 Steps

Step #1: Prepare a Conditioning Solution

To accomplish this, use 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of olive oil and mix them. The oil will recondition the fur coat’s skin and keep it from drying out and becoming brittle.

Step#2: Remove the Coat’s Lining

Because you will be administering the conditioner directly to the skin or pelt, you must remove any lining from the inside of the coat. These linings are often composed of leather.

Step #3: Condition and rehydrate the inside of the coat

Dab the solution onto the inside of the coat, one part at a time, straight to the skin of the fur coat, using a clean towel. Dry and brittle coats may need to be conditioned multiple times. If the skin hasn’t been too dried out, you may be able to recover its soft feel.

  • This does not apply to fur.
  • Make certain that the liner has been removed.

Step #4: Gently Massage the Skin

Continue to massage the conditioner into your skin with a clean towel. This will aid in the absorption of the oil by the fur coat. Don’t have very dry overwork regions. Instead, try conditioning the area again after the coat has dried.

  • Unconditioned coats may be stiff and fragile.

Step #5: Allow the Fur Coat to Dry Fully by Hanging It Correctly

It will take many days for the vinegar to dissipate and the oil to be adequately absorbed by the skin. So, when the coat no longer smells like vinegar, it’s time to put it on.

  • Remember that furs should always be placed on wide, cushioned hangers to keep the shoulders in shape.

Bottom Line

A well-cared fur coat may survive for many generations. While it is preferable to have your coat professionally maintained by a furrier, there are actions you can do to guarantee that your fur coat retains its sheen, like properly cleaning it.

With the given above steps you can rehydrate your fur coat and restore its original glory.

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