How To Clean A Faux Fur Stool – [5 Easy Steps]

faux fur stool

Faux fur vanity stools are fabulous pieces of ornament and add beauty and elegance to any room. They often bring color and warmth to the environment thanks to the hairy structure which is soft and delicate in general, especially if the fluffy stool is made of high-quality artificial fur.

However they can get matted and soiled easily because of multiple reasons, and this brings the question: Can I clean a faux fur stool and how to clean a faux fur stool?

The answer for the first part is yes, and the answer for the second part will be presented in the steps below.

Faux Fur Stool Cleaning Steps

1) Brush The Surface of The Fluffy Stool

To begin with, matted and filthy faux fur stool requires the removal of large pieces of dirt, trapped inside the furry structure. Now to do it is simple: You need to bring a large wire brush that is strong so that it does not break quickly, and start scrubbing by applying some pressure on the surface of the vanity stool. Some faux fur hairs will come out with dirt and that should not be a problem. It is the little sacrifice you make to get rid of the matted fur.

If you want to know where you can get a good brush for that, you either pick your pet brush or get one from the hardware store. Just choose a strong brush with thick wires.

2) Cleanse The Stained Areas

cleansing faux fur stool
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Now that the messy faux fur vanity stool is turned into a smooth-looking surface, you will easily identify soiled areas that need to be deeply cleaned out. These areas will appear in a different color than the fur, particularly if the color is light like white, yellow, teal…

Bring some dishwashing detergent or laundry powder and grab a smaller brush with thin wires. You can also use an old toothbrush.

Before you brush, please make sure to mix the detergent with a small cup of water but with no excess. If you drench the stool too much with water, it does not dry quickly.

Now, start brushing the stained areas for some time until you achieve a satisfying level of cleanliness. You can also use your hands or a bathroom mesh to scrub dirty places in the top and the side until you are satisfied with the result.

Please note that hand washing is necessary when it comes to faux fur stools because you simply cannot put them in washing machine J

3) Rinse With Water

rinsing faux fur stool
Theo-Doll Masuku / Youtube

To nicely clean the stool, use a showerhead or a hose, and get rid of the soap. Use your hands and brush inside the hair to help remove all the detergent. If it stays in the fur, you will note get a smooth and soft touch when it dries out.

If you want to be 100% satisfied with the rinsing, deep clean with an electric pressure washer. It is absolutely not necessary, but if you are interested in getting one you can take a look at one of our top picks:

4) Squeeze The Stool Hair

The faux fur stool will be drowning in water after the previous step. You need to squeeze it as much as you can but gently, to remove the excess water. This step is very essential because it will help your stool dry faster.

With firm fists, apply some pressure to get rid of the water, moving back and forth from the top to the sides.

5) Air Dry

If you are lucky, it should be a very sunny day outside. In this case, place the stool under the sun and let it air dry for an entire day minimum.

We always recommend air drying as the best option for faux fur things in general, but if there is no sun, it will take a long time probably days, provided that it doesn’t rain. In this case, consider using a hairdryer to remove the moisture out of the hair.


The hairdryer is also very effective to roughen up the faux fur after it gets dry. The heated air fixes wrinkly hair and restores the original soft and adorable feeling, which is our sweet end goal.

Final thoughts

Instead of spending money to get new furniture, this easy step-by-step process will help you restore your furry stool to its original shining plus a bonus of a fresh detergent smell and more fluffiness.

Washing faux fur, in general, is not a difficult task, but you have to pay good attention to the recommendations and steps on how to clean a faux fur stool so that you prevent the material from damaging and you make it more durable and long-lasting.

A Helpful Info

We also have a tutorial on how to clean faux fur rugs with steps similar to this article. The main difference is that the shape of a stool makes it a little harder to clean but it should be okay if you follow the steps thoroughly.

To check the article about how to clean faux fur rugs, please click here.

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