How To Clean A Faux Fur Rug? [100% Proven Tips]

Faux Fur Rug

The use of faux fur rugs is very common all over the world as an animal-friendly alternative to traditional fur clothing. These rugs are widely available in the markets with various names such as fake fur rugs, fluffy carpets, fuzzy blankets, pile fabrics, etc. 

The beautiful colors of these fluffy rugs have the potential to grab the attention of everyone. They are an unavoidable part of every room. Their soft texture and fluffy appearance make them the NO.1 choice as the household carpets.

This brings up the question:

How to correctly wash a faux fur rug?

This article will answer your questions and give practical ways to keep your fluffy carpets soft and clean.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

An Ultimate Faux Fur Rug Cleaning Guide

How to clean a faux fur rug can be a little tricky. You should carefully take care of it according to the given instructions to retain its appearance and warmth.

Washing Faux Fur Rugs In The Washing Machines

If you follow the guidelines, then you can easily wash the faux fur rug in the washing machine. 

But keep in mind that there are some exceptions, and some of these fuzzy rugs do not withstand washing in the machine. 

You might be wondering, how would I know whether my faux fur rug is machine washable or not?

Here is the pro tip for you.

Check out the tag, as most faux fur rugs contain specific tags showing the cleaning guidelines and precautions. 

Written instructions will be like:

● Do not wash it with similar colored rugs or fluffy carpets.

● Use warm water while washing.

● Do not wash in the washing machine; otherwise, the colors will be run away.


Sometimes, you will see various standardized signs and symbols that will guide you on what to do next. 

Well, if you do not find the tag, then most probably your faux fur rug can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Machine Washing Steps For A Faux Fur Rug?

● Use cold water and gently put it in the washing machine without any other clothes or fluffy carpets

● Adjust the washing machine settings and use the least amount of agitation in the spin.

● Use a gentle detergent and fabric softener for delicate washing of the rug.

● Only one complete wash cycle is enough, and you should not be using fast washing cycles again and again.

● After one wash cycle, remove the rug from the machine and do not try to remove water harshly.

● While retaining its natural flow, shake gently to remove the excess water.

● You can also use a towel to absorb the water while keeping its original shape and dimensions.

In the whole washing process, make sure to accomplish all the steps with extreme care, so that the original shape and texture is retained. 

Hand Washing Steps For A Faux Fur Carpet

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You can get the wanted result by washing the faux fur rug with your hands, though it will need a bit more hard work and attention.

There are various instructions that you must follow while washing the artificial fuzzy rug with your hands.

Let’s break each element down.

● First of all, take a tub and fill it with cold water. Do not use too much water. Keep the tub only half-filled.

● The next step is to choose the right washing materials. Various rug detergent powders are widely available in the market; however, mild laundry soap and other light detergent washers are also fine. 

● Do not fully dip the rug in the tub. First of all, check out the dirtiest or spotty areas and wash them step-by-step.

● Once you remove all the spots by hand, dip the rug into the water and let the dirt remove on its own with the chemical reaction of detergents.

● If you think your rug is too dirty, use lukewarm water instead of cold water. 

● While cleaning the rug, gently rub the two areas together as it will help to remove the dirt entirely.

● You can also use an animal fur brush to clean the dirty spots.

● Rough scrubbing can lead to the loss of original texture, and it can also result in the loss of an entire gentle look.

●Finally, rinse the rug using cold water and keep on rinsing until all the suds are gone, and the water turns out to be completely clean.

I know what you are thinking:

why is rinsing a watery rug is a little difficultIt is because artificial fur rugs often absorb a lot of detergent and water and turn out to be very heavy.

However, do not worry. Here is the kicker for you.

To make the rinsing process easier, place the faux fur rug on the flat surface, and keep on pouring clean water while gently removing the bubbles using your hands. 

Once you feel that most of the rug is cleaned, rinse it again in the tub of clean water.

But remember, after removing all the suds, roll the item in the towel to remove the excess water.

Is is quite helpful to use the above-mentioned technique if you don’t find anyone to help you with rinsing.

How To Dry Faux Fur Rugs The Correct Way?

There are various do’s and don’ts when it comes to drying a faux fur rug.


● Do not use a dry-cleaner to dry the rug. Some people still use it with no heating settings, but you know what? The core purpose of circumventing this method is to avoid damage to the fibers. If they get entangled, the whole appearance will look rough and rigid.

● Do not squeeze the rug to remove the excess water.

● Never forcefully put it in the drying machine.

● Do not hang a heavily wet rug directly on the hanger or wall; otherwise, it will get deformed, and the weight of the water will change the direction of the fibers in only a downward direction.


● Air drying is the most authentic and satisfactory method to dry the faux fur rug. It is quite safe if you use the fan to accelerate the cleaning process. 

● You can also use a plastic hanger to hang the rug in the open air or on the rooftop.

● The same surface that you used to rinse the rug can also be used again to dry it out. But make sure to clean that area and remove any spots of the detergent.

In short, you can choose any site that can promote air drying by proper ventilation.

Usually, your rug will turn out to be very soft and dried out within 48 hours. 

Common Questions on How To Wash A Faux Fur Rug

To guide you from scratch and keep the target audience in mind, we have made a list of questions and answers that people are most likely to ask about the cleaning process of a faux fur rug. 

Note: This Q/A list also contains the queries that we received related to faux fur rug cleaning.

Can I wash my faux fur rug in the washing machine if the tag says “wash using fur method”?

Yes, you can wash it in the washing machine while keeping the washing cycle gentle.

I have a very big faux fur rug; how can I clean it at home?

The best option to clean the large faux rugs is spot cleaning. Use the bottle of water and a mild detergent to clean the spotty areas and then dry them out using the fan.

Is it safe to use the vacuum cleaner for the cleaning of faux fur rugs?

Yes, it is safe as long as the edges are held down. Otherwise, they may get sucked up, destroying the whole appearance of the rug permanently. 

 How do I clean a dog or bunny pee out of faux fur?

Use a small amount of baking soda and immediately pour it on the pee. You will notice that it will immediately absorb the dirt, and you can then use the spot cleaning method to get rid of the stain.

Well, the FAQ list has ended, yet we have more to share.

Still, Confused? Take Your Faux Fur Rug To The Dry Cleaner

Want to avoid the stress of cleaning it yourself? It is normal.

If you find all of the above-mentioned techniques difficult or do not feel confident to handle the cleaning process at home, you have an easy option.

 At this time, the safest option is to bring it to the most knowledgeable, experienced, and professional cleaner who knows better than you.

The Bottom Line

Now you have read about how to clean a faux fur rug at home, has this guide proved helpful for you?

Do not forget to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the comment section.

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