How To Put On A Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover? [Quick & Easy Guide]

Setup fluffy steering wheel cover

Have you bought a fuzzy steering wheel cover and want to install it correctly? You are in the right place.

Now gently unfold the cover and stick with this guide to install your faux fur steering wheel cover. It is quite an easy and quick process that you can do in minutes.

The good news?

It requires no expertise and no special tools. It is something that you can do on your own to extend the handwheel covers’ life and strengthen its grip.

Now, let’s dive in and see how you can put it on in a few easy steps.

Installation Guide Of A Fluffy Steering Wheel Cover

Before you start with the installation process, sit in your driver’s seat and align the cover with the steering wheel. It’s convenient when you maintain your posture properly in front of the wheel. 

● Wipe Out The Dust & Dirt Of Your Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover

ready to install fluffy steering wheel cover

Most of the fuzzy steering wheel covers are manufactured from thick artificial rabbit fur. The length of the hair is relatively moderate, which gives a velvety look to the exterior. However, these covers might get dusty very soon.

So before you start the putting-on process, try to clean it with some light alcohol mixed with water that will wipe out all the dust and dirt, leaving you with a soft non-slip cloth.

Note: It is an optional step, and you can skip it if you are already in the vehicle to install the cover.

● Check Out the Size of the Steering Wheel


It is wise to measure the steering wheel’s diameter and grip before getting a fuzzy steering wheel cover. But, it is OK if you forget about this. Thanks to their elasticity,  faux fur steering wheel covers can fit your handwheel easily.  

Seems great?

Let’s make it more clear with an example of a glove. In most cases, you can stretch the glove to fit your hands, even if it seems too small initially. 

But this is only one side of the story.

You may want to know how to handle the situation when you have a considerably larger cover than the steering wheel’s size?

No worries, we have the answer.

There are various ways in which you can stitch them artistically, giving the entire new look. So it is up to you to choose how you can redesign your cover to make it fit your steering wheel.

Once you have adjusted the cover’s size, now it is time to proceed with the other practical steps. 

● Remove The Tags and Stickers From The Steering Wheel Cover

You may see some tags or stickers on the fuzzy steering wheel covers. We suggest that you remove them before you start their installation. Otherwise, they may look awkward and cause disturbance while driving. Use a scissor and carefully cut them.

● Slightly Heat The Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover (optional)

Some faux fur covers come up with a lack of elasticity and softness. We advise using a blow dryer for optimal fitting and great flexibility.

Make sure to heat each portion for almost 5 seconds. It is also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t wait for the cooling and immediately put it on the steering wheel.

● Start From The Top Of The Handwheel

Put the top portion of the furry cover on the top part of the steering wheel. Then slide it down delicately until you cover the bottom part of the handwheel.

● Pull Hard On The Cover

Use your fingers to stretch all the sides and fix them evenly on the wheel until everything is attached firmly.

● Stitch The Cover While It Is On The Wheel (optional)

sew faux fur steering wheel cover

If you’ve put on the color you have stitched already, and it still seems loose, you can sew it again until it is firmly attached.

Note: Some furry car steering wheel covers are small in size, while others may come up in bigger dimensions and require some stitching. But, they are just one of the DIY aftermarket upgrades, and their installation takes only a few minutes, so no problem here. 

What equipment do I need to install a faux fur steering wheel cover?

Putting on the cover needs a little focus and keen interest. Make sure you have one of these things at home:

  • Needle, threads
  • Scissors
  • Blow dryer
  • Lace to hide the thread
  • Metre Rod

Can I put on the cover while the vehicle’s engine is on?

We highly recommend turning off your car to install the cover carefully and avoid hurting yourself.

How much time does it take?

For the stretching covers, it is a matter of seconds. But if it needs sewing, it is better to spend extra minutes to fit the wheel’s body.

Final Thoughts

The fuzzy steering wheel covers not only elevate your car interior to a new luxurious and elegant vibe but also make driving more cozy and comfortable. 

Now that you have bought or plan to acquire one, follow this guide to place your cover seamlessly and enjoy it.

Still have questions? Comment below, and we will answer your thoughts.

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