Do Steering Wheel Covers Affect Your Driving?

red faux fur steering wheel cover

Steering wheel covers appeared in the late ’70s to improve the original design of vehicles’ handwheels. In fact, some of them were slippery and thin which pushed accessory manufacturers to start fabricating covers that required stitching or lace wrapping. The steering wheel covers now come in different materials, shapes, and colors, but as they remain aftermarket accessories, they surely have an impact on driving. So, how do steering wheel covers affect driving?

The answer is it depends on several factors, like the quality, the size, the adjustment, and the driver itself. To be more clear, the more the steering wheel cover is made of high-quality materials, is a perfect fit, can be firmly adjusted, the more the driving will be more enjoyable. And, the design needs to please the driver.

Why Put On A Steering Wheel Cover?

Steering wheel covers as they name say, are created to cover the steering wheels. And there are multiple reasons for this.

  1. The steering wheel is scratched or damaged and it needs to be covered so that it doesn’t look bad.
  2. It keeps your hands warm especially if you drive in a cold country and your wheel is not heated like the latest luxury drives.
  3. Some vehicles steering wheels are thin, and a leather, vinyl plastic or fur cover will help make them thicker providing the driver with better grip and hence more control and comfort.
  4. A wheel cover helps reducing hand fatigue after several hours of driving with enough cushioning or soft fur on the outside surface.
  5. You just want to add aesthetic and color to your interior or you like to match the steering wheel color with the seats or the handbrake. Women do tend to pick the most fashionable and glamourous designs and there are a ton on the internet.

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How steering wheel covers affect driving?

woman driving

Adding steering wheel covers will definitely affect the original experience and have an impact on your driving. But it is not always a negative impact. In fact, wheel covers can help enhance driver control and coordination.

Negative Impact Of A Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover has a negative impact on driving when it is of low quality. For example, if the material is slippery, or if it gets damaged quickly after some usage, it may cause disruptions for the driver especially when doing maneuvers. This can get dangerous if the driver loses control of the wheel.

Moreover, if the cover is not fixed carefully, for example, the cover diameter is 18 inches higher than a 16 inches wheel, the driver can lose the grip on the steering wheel and things get ugly. So if you have a steering wheel cover and want to attach it the correct way, go watch a tutorial or read this helpful article.

Positive Impact Of A Steering Wheel Cover

On the bright side, if the driver is meticulous when choosing the material quality and the size of the cover, then it becomes a good addition to the vehicle.

A steering wheel cover can have a positive impact on the driving when it makes the wheel thicker giving more volume to it so that the driver’s grip becomes firm with more control. Some covers are made of memory foam or cotton filling that absorbs the road vibrations and makes the driving subtle and enjoyable.

In addition, covering the steering wheel prevents it from occurring damage and helps sustain the durability and the life cycle of the wheel, so the value of the vehicle does not drop too much.

Moreover, a driver using a steering wheel cover avoids the bad sensation of burning your hands when he lets his vehicle parked under the sun. Most covers are made from materials that reflect the sun’s rays.

How Can Furry Steering Wheel Covers Affect Driving?

woman hands on furry steering wheel cover

Many handwheels cover available on the market are crafted from artificial fur, which makes them fluffy and very soft. In general, the girls prefer these kinds of covers.

Furry wheel covers can bring warmth to the driver’s hands especially if it is cold outside. Therefore, you can take off the gloves and drive with bare hands putting them in a thick and soft layer of fur.

Another effect is the beauty and the harmony that comes with a fur steering wheel cover, which positively affects the passengers, by elevating the vibe with more glamour and richness. The driving time suddenly becomes much more delightful.

Final Thought

While it may seem that buying a steering wheel cover is not a good idea to some people, it all comes down to whether the driver likes it or not, to whether the cover is made from a good quality material or not, and to the level of adjustment and safety achieved after fitting the cover.

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