What to Do With Your Old or Inherited Fur Coat? Make The Best Out of It.

Fur coats have been in fashion for centuries, and while they were once primarily worn for warmth in the 1900s, times have changed, and these beautiful garments are now adorned for their stylish appearance.

Whether it’s Jennifer Lopez or Justin Bieber, fur coats have been a celebrity favorite, and their popularity is no less among the general public due to their sleek style and unparalleled aesthetic.

Although an inherited fur coat has an emotional value that makes it irreplaceable, an old furry coat may be far from its prime appearance. It can be difficult to decide on the best treatment for it. If you are facing a similar dilemma, you don’t need to look any further.

In this article, we will discuss different ways to exploit your old fur coat to its full potential.

Evaluate Your Fur Coat

The first step is to evaluate your fur coat. Generally, fur coats have a long lifespan. Natural furs do not lose their shine for several years, and slight polishing may restore them for regular use.

However, in some cases, an old coat may seem wrinkled if left folded in a cupboard for years. Similarly, if the coat has been stored in a humid space, it may attract mold, and restoring it can be a difficult task.

Once you have carefully examined the coat, the next step is to evaluate the type and quality of the fur. A chinchilla or fox fur coat can easily cost upward of $15,000 in today’s market; however, a rabbit or beaver fur coat may be significantly cheaper.

Here’s a detailed guide on how much a fur coat costs in the 2020s.

We highly recommend getting in touch with a professional furrier nearby to get an accurate appraisal of your garment and get a close estimate of its selling price.

If the coat is made of faux fur, the market value is generally low. Moreover, fur density also plays an important role. Usually, high-quality fur coats have a high fur density, giving them a soft and silky look and lasting for a longer time. Nonetheless, they are significantly more expensive than low-density ones.

Another essential aspect to consider is the market value. An old fur coat usually requires both time and money to restore its glory.

However, if the market value is low, restoring the old coat may be meaningless as you can spend the time elsewhere. If you have completed the coat evaluation, move on to the next section where we discuss multiple ways to deal with your coat based on its condition.

Repair, and Restore Your Fur Coat

An 8/10 or higher quality fur coat can easily be restored to look new. If your coat is mold-free and the fur quality is still top-notch, the best decision is to restore the coat and add it to your luxury wardrobe.

A well-kept coat may have signs of dust, wrinkles, and minor dye fading; however, these problems can be fixed using DIY methods or at minimal costs.

It will help you save thousands spent on buying a new fur coat. Nonetheless, if the coat has brittle fur, it may be difficult to repair as brittle fur may break under slight pressure, resulting in an odd look.

The best way to fix the dye is to use the services of a professional furrier. They are experts in dyeing coats and can also fix any other issues. Hence, with minimal costs, you can have a coat that looks brand new again.

You can also dye a fur coat at home. Please be cautious while selecting the right dye and experimenting with it on a small section before applying it to the entire coat. You can also use wax to keep the fur moist and prevent it from breaking during the dyeing and washing process.

Sell Your Fur Coat

The fur coat market is huge and buyers are on the lookout for vintage designs. An inherited coat can fetch a decent amount with proper marketing.

Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace are good options to list your coat. Your coat’s market price should be intelligently placed to represent its true worth and be competitive with other similar options. You can get a better price by dry cleaning the coat and waxing the furs.

ebay fur coats listings

If the coat has color fades, you can dye those sections using a lighter shade to make it look more appealing to the buyer. A buyer is also willing to pay a higher price if you can produce documents affirming the fur type.

Online marketplaces are generally crowded, and you can sell your coat at the best price to a valued buyer. If you are looking for a quicker sale, a furrier or consignment shop may buy it instantly from you. However, the price may be low.

Here’s a full guide on where to sell your fur coat for the best value.

Upcycle Your Fur Coat for Your Decor

Fur coats have an aesthetically appealing appearance; their silky texture is soothing to the eye and exudes luxury. In recent years, interior designers have begun using fur-made decor for an opulent look.

fur rug

If your inherited coat is no longer in repairable condition, you can repurpose it in multiple ways for home decor. A popular method is to cut pieces of the fur coat and use them as throw blankets, which provide warmth and a stylish look to your living room.

Similarly, you can cut smaller pieces and frame them as wall art. Some decorators also use furry pieces as table runners. The style of fur makes it a versatile choice for any location, and you can creatively decide the best way to use it.

Donate to an NGO

If you don’t feel like using your fur coat, you can simply donate it to a charity organization or a wildlife rehabilitation center.

A charity organization will usually determine the coat’s fate based on its condition. If it can be restored with little effort, they will usually repair it and give it to those in need.

In addition, they may sell it in a marketplace and use the funds for their charitable activities. Wildlife rehabilitation centers are also a good option. They use fur coats to make warm bedding for animals in their care. You can also sell the coat independently and donate the proceeds to charity.

Final Takeaway

Real fur coats can be expensive. If the coat is in a repairable condition, it is best to have a furrier restore it, as it can save a fortune compared to buying a new one. Alternatively, the coat can be donated, sold, or upcycled.

Fur coats can last a long time if properly cared for. It is recommended to hang them in a dry, well-ventilated closet to ensure they maintain their appearance for years to come.

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