How to Stop Your Fur Rug from Shedding? (Solved & Explained)

Rug shedding is annoying and involves detrimental fuzz, unsightly appearance, shortens the rug’s life span, and thus necessitates frequent vacuuming and cleaning for management.

Picture this, you have found the right and perfect rug for your room, and now the problem is that, no matter how much you vacuum the rug, it just won’t stop shedding. 

Is there any way out? Can I do anything about it? Yes.

To prevent your fur rug from shedding, you should reduce your use of brushes on the backside of the rug by either

  • Picking up hairs regularly by hand,
  • Or by using a comb-curling and making a small piece of thread on the underside of the rug.

Both these procedures involve very tedious and tiring work. Therefore, you may feel inclined to ask if there is any other option available to control rug shedding.

Lucky for you, there are efficient techniques of stopping rug shedding, which can be carried out with ease and quick relief including:

  • periodic beating,
  • regular spraying,
  • burning off with a torch,
  • removing soil by steam or vacuum cleaning,
  • washing and mothproofing by chemical processes.

worry, given the many solutions that will help you to stop the fur rug from shedding.

This Is How You Stop Fur Rugs from Shedding

It’s important to understand that during the first few weeks after purchasing the rug, it is normal for it to shade. This usually stops after a few days of light vacuuming and normal wear.

If your rug is still shedding after a couple of months, there may be a few things that you’ll need to look into and fix.

1)   Vacuuming

We all hate a shedding rug, and our first thought at solving this problem has been to apply different vacuum settings and solve this problem completely.

However, the fact is that being too aggressive on this rug may be detrimental other than constructive, as we would have expected. One secret with vacuuming is always to do it right.

The use of a brush extension on your vacuum cleaner pulls the fur from the rug, leaving it more shaded than before.

Similarly, having a high suction on the vacuum setting makes it even more detrimental, and repeating this daily will only make you throw away the rug.

One of the things recommended in vacuuming your rug correctly is to remove brush or beater bar attachments. Ensure no contact between the beater bar and the surface of the rug.

Additionally, always use the vacuum cleaner on a lower power setting to ensure minimal pull on the rug.

When vacuuming your rug, start by vacuuming the rug in one straight dimension that runs against the pile. Next, vacuum the rug in the opposite direction that runs against the pile. This way, any loose fur is caught, and this also helps loosen up all the dirt embedded in the rug.

2)   Pick a good place for the rug

Stopping your rug from shedding involves more than just maintenance. It starts with the placement of your rug.

If the rug is placed in an area within the room where there is high foot traffic, the chances are that there will be speedy shedding as compared to when it was placed in an area with low foot traffic.

A good place to start is always to place the rug under the coffee table where no one would place their feet regularly to stop the shedding.

Additionally, you can routinely move the rug or turn it to make it look symmetrically to try and reduce the shedding.

When not in the house, you can remove the rug from its usual place and give it time to cool off before returning it to its usual place when you return.

3)   Know the purpose of your rugs

Not all rugs are meant to be used on the floor. Strange, right? It’s important to know what kind of rug you have purchased to avoid using expensive wall rugs on the floor. Essentially, you will have to do your research to understand the type of rug you want and the rug you are purchasing.

Getting a new rug designed for the walls and using it on the floor will result in unnecessary shedding, and this will cause more damage to the rug and reduce its aesthetic value.

4)   Invest in an Anti-slip underlay

Rug shedding usually occurs because of the friction between the floor and the rug when stepped on. You can stop the shedding by using an anti-slip underlay beneath the surface of the rug. The anti-slip underway works by ensuring the rug is in place, which helps avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Additionally, having an anti-slip underlay below the rug helps avoid slipping off your pets and yourself, and this helps prevent unnecessary accidents within the house.

When using an anti-slip underlay, ensure that it is smaller than the rug for maximum slip protection and allow the rug to cover it and retain the room decoration desired.

Is Fur Rug Shedding the Same as Faux Rug Shedding?

There is a difference between fur and faux, which can only be seen in terms of cost and durability.

Faux fur is cheaper, making rugs made from faux fade fast and worrying about the importance of such rugs and the need to even spend on them.

When it comes to fur rugs, they fade at slower rates than fake fur rugs, making them perfect and durable.  

Why Rug Shedding is Annoying?

There are different values placed on the rugs, and this means that not all rugs are created equal.

If you can afford the pricey hand-knotted rugs, the chances are that you don’t even know about rug shedding, given the reliability of wool.

Nevertheless, when on a budget, the best option is always to opt for synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, and viscose, which are usually weaker. The fur rugs are usually susceptible to the impacts of foot traffic, making them prone to shedding.

Here is the dilemma, you are on a tight budget, and the most viable option is opting for a fur rug. The positive thing is that these rugs will make your room more decorated and warmer, which you should consider.

Conversely, you are afraid that opting for these rugs will be expensive given the high maintenance and constant replacement costs.

Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about your fur rugs shedding regularly. By following our tips, we guarantee you less stress and well-maintained fur rugs.

To Wrap it Up

Rugs contribute to house decoration, which should make you happy and not sad when you remember their quick shedding.

When choosing rugs, fur rugs may come as the best option given their low costs and ease of matching any floor type.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with fur rugs, it is important to understand that they shed more than fiber rugs and are thus replaced more often.

If your budget meets a fur rug, it’s important to follow the above recommendations to stop shedding. We highly recommend using an anti-slip underlay, correct placement, and appropriate vacuuming.

Rugs improve the house’s look, and with the proper washing, maintenance, and care, you can make it last longer and remain beautiful.

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