How Much to Rent A Fur Coat? Here’s the Answer

Renting a fur coat might be the shortcut to wearing the most expensive and fashionable apparel at a lower cost. Many people prefer renting over buying a piece of fur, despite the disadvantages.

We know they are expensive, and we have a full guide on how are fur coats priced based on many factors, but how much will you pay to rent one these days?

Renting Cost Estimate (Graph)

Renting a fur coat will usually cost you 10 to 20% of the full selling price. The cost of renting is presented below, depending on the type of fur.

Type of FurRental Price in USD (per day)
Faux fur$70

Please know that this is a rough estimate based on multiple retailers we found. Prices may vary depending on the quality, the location, and the season.

Also, extra fees may be charged for alterations, insurance, and cleaning. Ask about this before signing the rental agreement.

Example: is a website that rents and sells fur coats and jackets. They are listing this UNREAL FUR for a rental price of $68, while the original retail retail price is $549.

You save 90% of the cost when you choose to rent this coat. But the drawback is having to return it!

What Determines the Rental Cost of a Fur Coat?

The price depends on various things like the brand, quality, style, and condition of the coat. Plus, the rental time also has an effect.

The brand makes a difference. Famous and respected ones usually cost more due to their notoriety for craftsmanship and design. Furs like mink and sable are pricier than lower-grade ones.

The style of the coat impacts the price too. Unique designs with higher demand lead to higher rental prices. Vintage or rare coats are collectibles and cost more.

The condition of the fur coat influences the cost too. Coats in perfect condition cost more. Ones with signs of wear or damage cost less.

What is the Procedure to Rent a Fur Coat?

The procedure is usually simple and involves finding a reputable fur rental company plus accepting their terms and conditions.

Here’s how you rent a fur in easy steps:

  1. Find a good fur rental company: Research and find a quality, ethical fur rental company with excellent customer reviews and many fur garments. Usually, the search bar does the job.
  2. Choose your fur coat: Select the coat/jacket that fits your style and occasion; take into account factors such as color, length, size, and type of fur.
  3. Provide details: Contact the rental company to ask about availability and rental terms. Give them personal info like your name, address, and payment details.
  4. Agreement: There is always an agreement to sign in order to rent a piece of fur. Stick to their conditions.
  5. Enjoy wearing it: After completing the paperwork and payment, you can enjoy wearing the fur coat for the specified time. Care for it properly to avoid any damages or fees.
  6. Return it: Usually, the rentals want their fur returned the next business day.

NB: return the fur coat on time! some of the companies reserve the right to charge you the full amount of the fur coat (can be extravagant for you) if you don’t return it on time.

Common Policies for Renting Fur

Renting fur coats is a popular practice, so understanding the policies involved can help make a better decision.

Here’s a look at the common rules:

  1. Rental Duration: Fur rental companies offer different rental periods – from days to weeks. Costs usually differ based on length of time.
  2. Rental Fees: Rates for fur coats vary – based on type, quality, brand and demand. Shop around for the best deal for your budget.
  3. Deposit: Most fur rental companies require a deposit with your rental fee. It acts as insurance if something happens while you have the coat. When you return the fur undamaged, the deposit is refunded.
  4. Cleaning Fees: Most rental agreements include cleaning fees. Pay attention to these before signing.
  5. Return Conditions: Rental companies often have specific requirements for the return of fur coats – like dry-cleaning it first.

All the retailers we’ve seen have pretty much similar policies and conditions. They propose an agreement to protect themselves and the client.

Here’s an example of an fur rental agreement:


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