Can You Put Your Fur Rug in The Dryer?

fur rug

Never put a fur rug in the dryer! It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Heat damages fur, making it matted and losing its softness. Plus, the spinning motion tangles and pulls out hairs.

To keep your rug in tip-top shape, use professional dry cleaning services.

For small stains, blot with a damp cloth and mild soap. Let air dry in a well-ventilated area away from heat and sunlight. Regular maintenance is key, too. Gently brush in the direction of hair growth with a specialized fur brush for dust, dirt, and debris removal.

Risks of Putting a Fur Rug in the Dryer


Putting a fur rug in the dryer can be risky.

  • Heat and tumbling can damage the delicate fur fibers, making them brittle and break.
  • Fur rugs may shrink and lose their natural sheen and softness when exposed to high temps.
  • Agitation of the dryer drum can cause matting or clumping, leading to an unattractive look.
  • Oils or dyes may be released when heated, potentially staining other items.
  • Beading or embroidery may become loose or detached. Backing material such as leather or fabric may also suffer damage.

Pro Tip: To keep your fur rug looking great, consult a professional cleaner or follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Dry cleaning is often best to minimize damage from heat and mechanical action.

Alternatives to Drying a Fur Rug

Air-drying! Hang the fur rug in a well-ventilated spot, away from sunlight.

Give it a gentle shake now and then to fluff up the fur. For a faster process, set up a fan nearby (low settings). If unsure, consult a professional cleaner who specializes in fur rugs.

air drying

Non-traditional methods? Dehumidifiers or rug care experts can be of great help.

Care Properly for Your Fur Rug

  1. Shake and brush regularly to maintain the fur rug’s condition.
  2. Spot-clean any spills as soon as possible to prevent stains.
  3. Get professional cleaning once or twice a year to keep the fur rug in top shape.
  4. Store the fur rug in a cool, dry place to prevent damage.

Additionally, avoid using harsh chemicals and be careful of pet claws to protect the fur rug.

My friend experienced an unfortunate red wine spill. But the professional cleaner solved the problem – no lasting damage! This taught her the importance of maintenance and expert help.

Home cleaning of a fur rug is also good if you do it properly.

By following these tips, your fur rug will stay beautiful and luxurious forever. Pamper it – it’s worth it!


Putting a fur rug in the dryer is not a good idea. Heat and tumbling can ruin its looks and texture. To maintain your rug, care instructions must be followed.

High heat can make fur brittle and prone to breakage. Tumbling can also cause matting. So, it’s best to avoid the dryer.

Vacuuming with a soft brush helps keep dust away. Sunlight should also be avoided to prevent fading. Stains should be treated with fur-specific cleaners.

People have mistakenly put their rugs in the dryer, only to regret it later. Some have reported serious damage. This serves as a lesson to follow care instructions for delicate items like fur.

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