Can Fur Coats Be Resized? If So, How?

Fur coats are a popular luxurious fashion statement. But what if they don’t fit? Can you resize them? Yes! With the right knowledge and skill, it’s possible.

Fur coats can be resized with the help of an experienced furrier who specializes in this alteration. They have the expertise and tools to reshape the coat without damaging it. Dissecting the coat and analyzing its structure helps them make precise adjustments.

Resizing a fur coat involves working with the pelt itself. Unlike other fabrics, fur must be handled carefully; it can’t be cut or sewn like traditional materials. Removing sections of pelts and reassembling them based on the desired alterations keeps the coat’s aesthetic appeal intact.

Few suggestions to consider when resizing a fur coat:

  1. Communicate clearly with the furrier – give details about which areas need adjustment and how much.
  2. Request regular fittings throughout the process to provide feedback.
  3. Trust the expertise of your chosen furrier. Their years of experience mean they can make delicate adjustments without compromising quality or style. Following their guidance will ensure a perfect fit.

Why Would You Want to Resize a Fur Coat?

fur coat resizing

Considering resizing a fur coat is common. Reasons vary, like changing style preferences or fluctuating body weight. Some inherited or purchased vintage pieces, too. Resizing is an opportunity to update your wardrobe, yet keep the timeless elegance and luxury of fur.

When resizing, various details matter. A seamstress must be skillful and use specialized tools for delicate furs. Don’t let your fur gather dust – entrust it to a professional who knows fashion and tailoring. Unlock the potential of your wardrobe by exploring fur coat resizing today!

Factors to Consider Before Resizing a Fur Coat

Resizing a fur coat comes with a few key things to keep in mind. Fabric and fur type, professional expertise, coat style/design, overall condition, and personal preference are all essential to consider. Each coat is unique, so make sure to get tailored advice from an experienced expert!

Before resizing, check for any damage, like weak seams or balding spots. This must be fixed first. Also, think if the alteration aligns with your style and needs.

In the end, it’s not just about size, but also preserving the craftsmanship of the coat. Get a professional who can help you freshen up your wardrobe!

How To Find a Reputable Furrier to Resize Your Coat?


To ensure a proper resizing of your fur coat, turn to find a professional furrier skilled in this craft. Research reputable furriers in your area and seek recommendations or reviews from others. Finding the right expert is vital for getting your fur coat resized flawlessly and maintaining its quality.

  1. Ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations on furriers. Their experiences can be very helpful!
  2. Check review websites and fur enthusiasts’ forums to read customer reviews. This can give you an idea of furriers’ reputations.
  3. Visit local luxury boutiques or department stores for our services. They often work with reputable furriers.
  4. Contact trade organizations or associations related to the fur industry. They have a list of certified professionals who stick to industry standards.
  5. When searching for a furrier, consider their years of experience, specialty in certain types of furs or services, and certifications.
  6. Visit potential furriers in person to see their workmanship and the quality of their products.
  7. Animal advocacy groups have shaped the ethical practices of modern-day furriers with stricter regulations.
  8. Conduct thorough research to find a furrier that meets your values and offers top-notch service.

Trust your instincts. Don’t get overwhelmed by conflicting reviews. Make the final decision based on your needs and preferences. Find someone who will provide exceptional craftsmanship and treat your furs with care. Don’t miss out on discovering the perfect furrier for you!

What Steps to Take to Resize a Fur Coat Outside?

To resize a fur coat, follow the steps involved in taking accurate measurements, discussing desired alterations with the furrier, and making necessary adjustments to the coat.

Take accurate measurements (Usually with the help of the furrier)

  1. Measure the shoulder width: Get one end of the measuring tape on the outer edge of one shoulder seam. Stretch it to the other side. Make sure the tape is flat against your body. Note down the measurement.
  2. Determine the sleeve length: Start at the top of your shoulder bone. Measure down to your desired sleeve length. Keep your arm slightly bent. Record the measurement.
  3. Measure the chest circumference: Wrap the tape around your chest under your arms. Make it parallel to the ground and snug but not too tight. Note this measurement.
  4. Smaller details matter, too! Take hip and waist measurements, if necessary. This depends on the style of coat you’re altering. These measurements will customize the resizing process for you.

Discuss Desired Alterations With the Furrier

Discuss desired alterations with your furrier. Give clear instructions to accurately achieve your desired fit. Also, mention any previous alterations made to the coat.

Length adjustment? Shoulder width/shape? Sleeve length? Silhouette? Additional details like buttons, pockets, or belts? All these need to be discussed for a satisfactory outcome.

What Steps to Take to Resize a Fur Coat at Home?

Want to resize your fur coat? Follow these simple steps!

  1. Determine how much you need to resize and take precise measurements.
  2. Carefully remove any existing stitching, then evaluate the fabric and fur.
  3. Cut away any excess material.
  4. Sew the adjusted areas using a needle and thread.
  5. Try it on and make any final changes.


Resizing a fur coat is not a gimme. It needs the expertise of a pro. To achieve success, one must consider various aspects, like changing the length and adjusting the fit.

It requires detailed attention and skillful craftsmanship. You can do it yourself sure, but a professional furrier will measure and look closely at the garment before making any alterations. This guarantees the coat’s proportions are kept and no unnecessary changes are done to destroy its beauty.

A furrier may also need to modify things like linings, closures, and collars. Knowing how fur is made and how different materials work together is essential. By considering all factors, the furrier can offer a result that satisfies the wearer’s practical needs and tastes.

Furriers can also dye your fur coat, learn how to do it at home here.

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