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Also known as pile fabric, is designed to look exactly like animal fur. But instead of killing innocent wildlife species, humans were clever enough to design a lot of products with a fluffy skin like a real one, especially with the rise of people awareness of animal rights.

Artificial fur is manufactured using acrylic polymers that are resistant to breakage and have amazing elasticity which adds immensely to the durability of products using this technology introduced in the 50s.

This way, you obtain something very close to animal skin but environmentally-friendly. That means that you can buy everything you like with total peace of mind because you know that animals are protected when factories manufacture products like coats, blankets, rugs, steering wheel covers, and so on, from faux fur.



People buy steering wheel covers for so many reasons. After asking some of our customers and even people from our small circle like family and friends about faux fur steering wheel covers, they told us this:

  • We buy fluffy wheel covers because our car handwheel is cold during winter and our car doesn't support a heating feature for the steering wheel. The hairy material keeps our hands warm and we can drive with more ease.
  • We want a better looking steering wheel because the current one is scratched and looks very ugly.
  • I am a feminine woman and I love furry things, so I bought this cool-looking car interior set.
  • These plush covers look like some luxury clothes for the steering wheel and gear shift. Everyone who sees it tells me where I bought these guys!

We currently have some of the products on sale. You can check out a beautiful skin design and a cool color of your choice.