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Also known as artificial or fake fur, it is created to appear similar to organic animal skin. The best part about choosing a synthetic fabric is that it is an ethical choice. Innocent wildlife species suffer from slaughtering for the sole purpose of ripping off their skin and crafting and selling natural fur products like coats, carpets, sandals, scarfs, and the list is long.

While some people claim that real fur quality is unmatched and animal killing isn't really affecting them directly, the majority of people nowadays are aware of this matter and would rather choose faux fur products as we sell on our website than fox, rabbit, sheep, or any other animal coating.

Faux fur is manufactured from acrylic polymers. These chemical elements are resistant to breakage and have great elasticity, which makes them durable. In order to differentiate faux fur from the natural one, simply look at the texture of the backing skin. Real fur has leathery backing, while artificial fur has a material woven backing. Moreover, faux fur hair length is nearly identical because of the machine's precision.

That way, you get something very close to animal skin but with equal if not better quality. And, you can buy a faux fur car seat cover with complete peace of mind because you have contributed to animal protection and safety.


People love the look and touch of furry car seat covers. They add elegance and style to your automobile interior.

While they serve as a layer for protection from dust, pet hair, coffee spills, and all type of dirt, they also provide you with excellent support for your butt, lower back, shoulders, and neck.

Adopting a faux fur seat car cover instead of natural sheepskin is the correct move in order to stand against animal slaughtering all over the globe. Now, what exactly to choose from our catalog of seat covers?

Well, you can pick one or two either by color, material, or type. To do so you can browse our products or use the filters on the category page to select by price, color, type... So, to make it easier for you, this is a list of our best sellers.

Choose one and make driving more comfy and enjoyable!