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Also known as pile fabric, it is designed to seem like real animal fur. However, instead of killing innocent animals, humans started manufacturing artificial fluffy skin designed to look like real ones.

Artificial fur is fabricated using acrylic polymers resistant to breakage and has amazing elasticity, which adds immensely to its durability. To differentiate faux fur from animal fur, simply look at the texture of the backing skin. Real fur has leathery backing, whereas artificial fur has a material woven backing. Also, faux fur hair length is the same because they are crafted by machines.

This way, you obtain something very close to animal skin but environmentally-friendly. That means that you can buy everything you like with total peace of mind because you know that animals are protected when factories manufacture products like coats, blankets, rugs, steering wheel covers, and so on, from faux fur.

Chic fluffy rugs for your space

People love the look and feel of furry carpets. They add elegance and decor to your home and can be very handy, especially on cold days. Not only do people appreciate laying their legs on the fluffy material of the faux fur rugs, but pets as well do love sitting and sleeping on them.

Choosing a faux fur rug instead of animal skin is the right move in order to stand against animal abuse all over the world. But how to choose the best faux fur carpet for your area is sometimes a total dilemma. But don't worry, in Fur Best, we list some of the best high-quality carpets made from plush, artificial wool, replica fur that come in so many shapes and colors. You can choose


To maintain the quality and elegance of a faux fur area carpet, you should take care of it like one of your children, really. They are placed on the floor in the assault of dust, liquids, bacteria, pet hair, and more, and they can be stained easily, more than standard sewed rugs.

To do so, make sure to clean them regularly and correctly to avoid damaging them quickly. Faux fur rugs can be washed by hands or by the washing machine. We recommend the first proposition as it is the least damaging. However, if the size of your fluffy rug is not big and you're short of time, throw it in the washing machine with a delicate cycle and use some light detergent.

For a more in-depth tutorial, please look at our detailed article on how to clean a faux fur rug properly.